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Phil Royal


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Phil Royal has spent 17 years as a senior consultant and is a fully experienced adviser over a wide range of sectors to businesses, charities and campaigning groups.


During this time, Phil set up the All-Party Groups on Prison Health and Energy Costs. He wrote "The Hepatitis C Scandal" on behalf of the All-Party Group on Hepatology and co-wrote "The human and economic cost of Epilepsy" on behalf of the All-Party Group on Epilepsy.


Phil also has a law degree and spent seven years with a Holborn-based firm of solicitors specialising in civil litigation. In his early years, Phil gained a wide experience of the "real world" working for private businesses in clothing, textile manufacture, food, communications, farming, steel and as a door-to-door salesman.


This broad and practical background informs his approach to public affairs, which is to ensure that the work of the consultant enhances the profitability of the business client or the objectives of campaigning organisations. Phil has led mountaineering expeditions to the Caucasus, the Pyrenees and Romania. He ran the London Marathon, raising funds for the cystic fibrosis trust. Phil is a member of Mensa.


Please feel free to view Phil`s profile on LinkedIn.


Helen Clark

Helen Clark was the Member of Parliament for Peterborough (1997-2005). She is the only woman to have represented the constituency throughout its history and the only Labour candidate to win and hold this marginal seat.

Prior to 1997, Helen worked as a senior teacher of English in Further Education in both the maintained and private sectors; teaching throughout the ability range to Oxbridge Entrance level. She has a BA Hons degree in English Literature, an MA in Medieval Literature and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education all from Bristol University.

Since 2005, Helen has held various public affairs roles, including Head of Policy and Campaigns with the MS Society and Advisor on Climate Change with The Association of British Insurers. At Westminster, she served as a Member of the Environmental Audit and Broadcasting Select Committees and many Bill Committees.


Helen is now an Educational Examiner and Scrutiniser with the OCR Examination Board. She has had many articles on policy topics published in a wide range of national, local and regional outlets and is experienced at structuring and running national campaigns. She is also writing an historical book and a contemporary novel.

David Lewis

David Lewis is best known as an executive in the electricity sector where he has run and owned successful businesses for more than 20 years. Most recently, he has operated and prepared for sale two major UK power assets: Teesside Power Limited, which operated an 1875MW gas-fired power station, processed natural gas at an associated processing facility and supplied steam and natural gas to local industrial customers; and Eggborough Power, which operated a 1960MW coal plant. He also established and managed First Energy (Redditch) Limited, which purchased a 25MW grid stand-by gas turbine plant in Redditch from Cinergy Global Power and has owned a small cogeneration plant. He is currently a developer of wind farms and flexible generation. Previously, he was Vice President of Asset Development for Enron Europe. He established and led the team responsible for new energy related assets in the United Kingdom and for renewable energy projects across Europe.

David`s involvement with energy started as an economist at the Department of Energy. He then went on to be one of the chief designers of the Electricity Pool and played a major role in drafting the Grid Code. He has been a member of the Pool Executive Committee and the Balancing and Settlement Code Panel, and a director and chairman of industry associations. He has presented evidence to Parliamentary Select committees as an independent expert. He has also advised on the Electricity Market Review.

More recently, he has become involved as an owner and director in other sectors. Currently, his portfolio of businesses spans electricity, engineering, IT and food and beverages.

Beverley Kotey

Beverley is a natural communicator, who brings passion, excitement and drive to projects. She is a freelancer with a portfolio of experience in areas such as public policy, political research, project management, event organising and communications. In addition, Beverley is also a REPS level 2 qualified fitness instructor.