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The APPG on Energy Costs


09/06/16 - AGM


Minutes of the AGM of the APPG on Energy Costs 9 June 2016


Present were: Stephen Hepburn MP, Lord Palmer, Peter Lilley MP, Phil Boswell MP, Lord McColl of Dulwich, Phil Royal (Secretariat)


Officers elected were: Chair & Registered Contact: Stephen Hepburn MP (Lab) Co-Chair: Lord Palmer (CB) Vice- Chair: Lord Deben (Con) Vice-Chair: Peter Aldous MP (Con) Vice-Chair: David Mowat MP (Con) Vice-Chair: Julie Elliott MP (Lab) Vice-Chair: Peter Lilley MP (Con) Vice-Chair: Phil Boswell MP (SNP) Vice-Chair: Lord Haworth (Lab)


The meeting agreed the income and expenditure statement below. Secretariat services would continue to be supplied by Royal Public Affairs.


Income and expenditure statement for 10/6/15 – 7/6/16


A. Balance brought forward from previous year:               £1313.58


B. Income received during the year:


i. Membership subscriptions (parliamentarians)                NONE


ii. Monetary donations (including external subscriptions and sponsorship)            £18500.00


iii. Trading income            NONE


iv. Interest received       NONE


v. Other (please explain)              NONE


TOTAL income   £18500.00


C. Expenditure during the year:


i. Employment costs (salaries, NI, pensions costs )            NONE


ii. Costs of contractors and freelance staff            £18620.24


iii. Visits and events (UK)              NONE


iv. Visits and events (abroad)     NONE


v. Cost of generating income      NONE


vi. Office and communications costs        £406.12


TOTAL expenditure         £19026.36


D. Balance carried forward (A+ total B-total C)    £787.22


E. Value of benefits in kind NONE


Signed by Chair of Group Stephen Hepburn MP 9/6/16


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