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The APPG on a Fit and Healthy Childhood


09/06/2016 -  AGM


Minutes of the AGM of the APPG on a Fit and Healthy Childhood on 9 June 2016.


Present were: Jim Fitzpatrick MP, Baroness Benjamin, Lord Palmer, Lord McColl of Dulwich, Stephen Hepburn MP, Phil Royal (Secretariat)


Officers elected were: Chair & Registered Contact: Jim Fitzpatrick MP, Co-Chair: Baroness Benjamin Vice- Chair: Ian Austin MP Vice-Chair: Nic Dakin MP Vice-Chair: Nigel Dodds MP Vice-Chair: Julie Elliott MP Vice-Chair: Diana Johnson MP Vice-Chair: Lord McColl of Dulwich Vice-Chair: Caroline Nokes MP


The meeting agreed the income and expenditure statement below. Secretariat services would continue to be supplied by Royal Public Affairs.

Income and expenditure statement for the period 10/6/15 – 7/6/16


A. Balance brought forward from previous year:               £285.62


B. Income received during the year:


i. Membership subscriptions (parliamentarians)                NONE


ii. Monetary donations (including external subscriptions and sponsorship)            £47800.00


Note: £28,000 of this was the result of external sponsorship of our Working Groups and reports and is registered as required on the Parliamentary website. Relevant sponsors were: Leap Frog Toys, Quorn Foods Ltd, Association of Play Industries, Mytime Active, Danone Nutricia and Waitrose. The balance came from external subscriptions.


iii. Trading income            NONE


iv. Interest received       NONE


TOTAL income   £47800.00


C. Expenditure during the year:


i. Employment costs       NONE


ii. Costs of contractors and freelance staff            £41139.24


-              Note: £24,500 of this was expended on the production of reports as noted above


iii. Visits and events (UK)              NONE


iv. Visits and events (abroad)     NONE


v. Cost of generating income      NONE


vi. Office and communications costs        £686.31


vii. Annual Dinner            £942.94


TOTAL expenditure         £42768.49


D. Balance carried forward (A+ total B-total C)    £5317.13


Signed by Chair of Group: Jim Fitzpatrick MP


Date: 9/6/16


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